Pet Policy

Download a pdf of our pet policy.

We love animals. Betty, Stella, Sycamore, Ruth, Fred, Max and Lena are each a beloved dog or cat. We welcome responsible owners of good citizen pets and believe landlords who set blanket “no pets” policies are missing out on some of the best renters. However, we’re also aware that permitting pets brings the potential of damage, unpleasant and unsanitary dog waste and problems due to uncontrolled or aggressive behavior. We’ve established these pet policies so that all of our rental residents and their pets can enjoy a pleasant and harmonious living experience.


“Pets” includes, but is not limited to, both warm- and cold-blooded animals such as dogs, cats, fish, hamsters, rats, birds, snakes, lizards, and insects. “Pets” does not include animals trained to serve the disabled, such as seeing-eye dogs, hearing dogs or other service dogs.


Our application form provides space for you to tell us about your pets. We will screen your pets’ references at the same time that we screen yours.


Additional deposits for pets are determined case-by-case, contingent upon the age, type and number of pets and references provided. We hope to return your pet deposit to you, in full, when you return the apartment to us in the condition in which you rented it. Pet deposits are added to your security deposit and can be applied toward any damage to the premises, whether pet-related or not.


We reserve the right to determine if the number, size and demeanor of your pet(s) are appropriate for the apartment for which you have applied.

Cat Information

It is unusual for us to collect a deposit for cats. And we will generally allow the adoption of new kittens or cats. We will generally deny any application that includes an un-neutered male cat.

Dog Information

At application we give preference to dogs who have completed obedience training. We require at least 1 year of references for any dog on your application, but prefer 3 years. Dogs under a year of age are generally not accepted. We prefer to personally meet all dogs prior to having you sign your rental agreement. Some of our upstairs apartments are not a good fit for dogs.
You will be required to obtain renters insurance that covers liability for incidents due to your dog(s). Unfortunately, our insurance companies are now placing limitations on the dog breeds we may permit to live in our rentals.

While residing in our rentals, dogs must be kept under control at all times and must be restrained when outside the dwelling. Dogs may never be left unattended or tethered outside the building. All of our rentals have wood floors. Pine and fir floors, especially, are very soft and can be badly damaged by dog toenails. You will be responsible for any such damage. Take to place area rugs to protect the floor in high traffic and high activity areas and trim your dog’s nails regularly. Likewise, for upstairs apartments, area rugs in high activity areas are a necessary courtesy to your neighbors below.
Because we require references for all dogs for at least a year, it is generally not possible for you to adopt a new dog while renting from us. In the event that references are feasible for a dog and you have had prior dog-ownership experience, we will consider permitting an adoption, but only with a sizeable security deposit and on an initial trail basis. We will not, under any circumstances, let you adopt a puppy… sorry.

General Pet Information

You must, at all times, adhere to all local licensing and other ordinances with regard to all of your pets, clean up after your pets and dispose of all waste promptly, leave no food or water outside the dwelling, provide regular health care and inoculations, keep your pets from being noisy and/or aggressive and pay immediately for any damage, loss or expense caused by your pet. You may not breed any female pet without our permission. We retain the right to revoke permission to keep any pet for non-compliance with these policies.

Download a pdf of our pet policy.