Roommate Policy

Situations with roommates can get confusing, so we want to clarify our policy regarding what happens when one of you moves out.

Here's the official clause from the lease

CO-TENANCY--If either tenant under this rental agreement terminates that tenant’s tenancy, the remaining tenant must either (a) terminate his or her tenancy also or (b) separately qualify for, through a credit and employment check, and pay the periodic rent under the rental agreement. The remaining tenant must separately qualify within seven days of the departing tenant’s issuing a termination notice. Disqualification or not qualifying within seven days is a material breach of the rental agreement. The remaining tenant may not bring in a replacement tenant. In the event that the remaining tenant qualifies, landlord shall release the departing tenant from liability and the remaining tenant shall assume full liability.

What this means in plain language

If you apply to rent one of our spaces with another person (or people) and qualify together, you’ll sign a lease as co-tenants. Once the lease is up, if one of you decides to move on, the remaining person (or people) can either: 1) stay on if they qualify and take over the lease or 2) give notice and leave. We don't screen and replace roommates.