Welcome to The Ruth. This house is really sweet, with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, laundry a large basement. A fenced backyard. A front stoop for coffee drinking. And it's close to Arnada Park.
  • _DSC4949
    Welcome to The Ruth. This house is really sweet, with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, laundry a large basement. A fenced backyard. A front stoop for coffee drinking. And it's close to Arnada Park.
  • _DSC4954
    Here's the front stoop.
  • _DSC4956
    The front door is original and pretty cool.
  • _DSC4766
    The living room is nice and cozy, we chose a warm almost olive-y color. The doors at the far end lead into the bedrooms.
  • _DSC4767
    Oak floors, picture-hanger moulding, wide baseboards and trim.
  • _DSC4771
    Nice and light.
  • _DSC4768
    The ceiling fan is brushed steel and has a remote and a dimmable light.
  • _DSC4770
    A top-down, bottom-up blind gives privacy without sacrificing light.
  • _DSC4777
    The doorway on the left leads into the kitchen, back bedroom and bathrom.
  • _DSC4817
    Yes, the fireplace is functional.
  • _DSC4780
    The front bedroom is off the living room. Fir floors, wide baseboards, picture-hanger moulding and that big beautiful window.
  • _DSC4779
    A top-down, bottom-up custom cellular blind offers privacy without sacrificing light.
  • _DSC4784
    We've seen this room used as an office, a nursery, guest room, and TV room.
  • _DSC4783
    The wall color is called Middlestone (for some reason). It's a really nice color, with the fir floors especially.
  • _DSC4782
    And here's the bedroom from the opposite corner.
  • _DSC4785
    This bedroom opens back out on to the living room.
  • _DSC4781
    The closet has hanger space and shelves.
  • _DSC4791
    The back bedroom is a cheerful yellow with fir floors and a sizeable closet.
  • _DSC4787
    This bedroom looks out into the back yard.
  • _DSC4792
    This is from the corner opposite the bedroom door. That is the closet with mirrored doors.
  • _DSC4788
    You can see that hallway goes down into the kitchen. The bathroom is off to the left.
  • _DSC4799
    One side of the closet.
  • _DSC4797
    And the other side.
  • _DSC4977
    I can't remember which doorknob this. But it's nice, isn't it?
  • _DSC4819
    The bathroom upstairs has a tub and ceramic tile shower.
  • _DSC4831
    There are some built in shelves for shampoo. Or your shower beer.
  • _DSC4820
    Pedestal sink, built in medicine cabinet.
  • _DSC4823
    Here's a shot from inside the tub.
  • _DSC4824
    The tile goes partway up the wall, all the way around.
  • _DSC4830
    The view you'll have while brushing your teeth.
  • _DSC4828
    The cute little schoolhouse light.
  • _DSC4829
    Old timey hot and cold faucet.
  • _DSC4774
    So now we're back in the living room, and that's the breakfast room off to the right.
  • _DSC4865
    And now we're in the breakfast room. This is directly off the kitchen.
  • _DSC4863
    There's the kitchen, from the breakfast room. FYI: You can eat other meals besides breakfast here.
  • _DSC4848
    The kitchen is at the back of the house, and has lots of room and storage space.
  • _DSC4866
    This shows how the kitchen opens into that breakfast spot. It's a nice spot for a table.
  • _DSC4840
    We just swapped out the range for a gas one, and replaced the fridge with a side-by-side.
  • _DSC4841
    Gas range.
  • _DSC4843
    Side by side fridge with ice maker.
  • _DSC4995
    Ice maker.
  • _DSC4861
    There is a lot of cabinet space in here.
  • _DSC4859
    The sink is double sided.
  • _DSC4858
    The counters are butcher block. That window looks out onto the backyard.
  • _DSC4988
    We just replaced the back splash with nice, clean, white tile.
  • _DSC4860
    Yes. That is a dishwasher.
  • _DSC4844
    This butler pantry (that's really what it's called) makes a perfect spot for your coffee maker or microwave. Or wet bar.
  • _DSC4847
    Now we're at the other corner, looking back through the breakfast room and living room.
  • _DSC4835
    Now we're over by the fridge. Across the way, that doorway leads down to the back door. From there, down to the basement.
  • _DSC4921
    That's the back door, out into the yard. This is on a landing a few steps down from the kitchen.
  • _DSC4881
    OK, now we're headed down the stairs.
  • _DSC4882
    The basement really expands the livable space with a second bathroom and couple of versatile bonus rooms.
  • _DSC4890
    The space is finshed and semi-finished, and has a lot of possibilities.
  • _DSC4920
    The newer washer and dryer are right at the bottom of the basement stairs.
  • _DSC4886
    We added barn door hardware and plywood, so you can cover up the laundry when you're not using it.
  • _DSC4884
    There are four movable panels total, covering up the water heater and furnace as well.
  • _DSC4912
    There's one exposed brick wall that you might want to keep open.
  • _DSC4885
    The space continues back, with a small bathroom on the right, and a bonus room at the very back.
  • _DSC4891
    The second bathroom is not fancy. But it has a shower and sink and toilet.
  • _DSC4892
    Here's the sink. Yes, the counter is pink (ish).
  • _DSC4894
  • _DSC4895
    Here's a shot from inside the shower.
  • _DSC4898
    The back bonus room makes a great office, computer, TV or music room.
  • _DSC4909
    It has a large closet with hanger space and shelves.
  • _DSC4905
    Just FYI: this is not a legal bedroom. Truly it is just a bonus room.
  • _DSC4900
    Here's the view back through to the rest of the basement.
  • _DSC4936
    This is the backyard viewed from the alley behind the garage. It's a really cute yard.
  • _DSC4925
    The covered back porch runs the entire length of the house. It's wide enough for a table and chairs.
  • _DSC4927
    There's a spot for an outdoor table.
  • _DSC4938
    The back yard is perfect: fenced, big enough to keep dogs happy, not so big that you'll spend all weekend mowing. It's anchored by a venerable, gnarled apple tree.
  • _DSC4975
    Here's the covered porch from across the yard.
  • _DSC4933
    This is the covered proch, from the other side of the yard.
  • _DSC4942
    Along the side of the house is a bed that gets great sun. We've had a few renters grow veggies here.
  • _DSC4970
    This is a true two-car garage. Access is off of the alley out back. There's also a regular door off the yard.
  • _DSC4964
    One bay has an automatic garage door opener, the other opens manually.
  • _DSC4963
    The door opens out into the backyard.
  • _DSC4965
    There is a built-in workbench.
  • _DSC4958
    You can keep both cars out of the weather, do woodworking, work on your motorcycle...you get the idea. We wish we had this garage.